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WHERE CAN I SEE ONE FLYING: Youtube video links of Xair H models flying:

Note: All of the following are using the small 65 horsepower Rotax 582 engine. Can you imagine what the 85 horse Jabiru engine would be like. The first one is a long video of several takeoffs and landings taken with a cockpit camera: Here's a person landing on a very short grass strip: Here is a short field takeoff:

WHERE ARE THE MANUALS: For those that would like to look at the manuals, see this link.

WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT THE X-AIR: There are actually lots of people. Browse on over to the Yahoo Groups and you will be able to get lots of additional information about the X-Air. Also, go to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) website for a wealth of information about anything aircraft. While there, check to see if there is a local EAA Chapter near you and pay them a visit. EAA members are always a nice group of people.

WHERE CAN I GET INFO ABOUT BEING A SPORT PILOT: See (which is the EAA site for Sport Flying) for more information about becoming a sport pilot.

WHO INSURES THESE: We recommend EAA or Avemco. Check with EAA ( or Avemco ( for Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft insurance.

Very important information about the pricing on the X-air aircraft. Read it now.

X-air H Note: Brand new LSA aircraft! Partially assembled for $18,900, we have preassembled and had these aircraft E-LSA registered. That means to you minimum fuss. Due to insurance requirements, you will have to complete the aircraft by installing an engine and any instruments that you might want. We can provide the engine and the instruments and answer any questions that you may have. It simply can not get any easier than that to have a beautiful, flying E-LSA for rock bottom pricing - $18,900 plus engine and instruments of your choice! Call me today because we only have a few left and when they're gone, they're gone! Right now you can have your choice of colors and preassigned tail numbers among the available aircraft - hurry!

Looking for KIT pricing? See it here.


The X-air is a high wing, 2 seat, side by side, conventionally controlled, ultralight/light sport aircraft with full dual controls, toe brakes, elevator trim and 3 hours flying time on it's two 7 1/8 gallon fuel tanks, which are easily filled at the side of the fuselage. The X-air has a typical high wing cruciform three axis layout with a high mounted tractor engine and tricycle undercarriage, it has a maximum take off weight of 992 pounds.

The X-Air kit is manufactured in India and was designed by Joel Koechlin, an ex-pat Frenchman who settled in India in the mid 1970's. He now has a factory in Bangalore employing some thirty five people producing well over a hundred kits per year that are then distributed world-wide from France.

The X-Air kit comes very complete, only your choice of Engine/Prop and Instruments are required to finish it ready for flight. Nearly all of the exposed tubing comes White Epoxy painted for long life and it looks good too. Most of the components come pre-assembled, e.g. Tailplanes & Elevators and all the required nuts & bolts are in their relevant place to speed up assembly.

The X-air is fitted with full Dual controls, i.e. two sticks and two throttles, so it doesn't matter what seat you're in, it feels just the same. This makes the X-Air perfect for an Instructor to teach his student/new owner how to fly. The main advantage of being in the left seat is to get the use of the superb independent toe brakes fitted to the top of the Rudder pedals.

There is plenty of sideways room inside, such that the shoulders do not touch. The seating is great and fitted with headrests. The cockpit floor is solid, so no more watching where you put your feet as in the older design ultralights. Added comfort is gained in the colder days by fitting the optional door kit, which even makes it enjoyable on the worst of weather.

Ground handling is excellent, especially the suspension. Each wheel has its own shock absorbing system which takes out all of the bumps from the roughest of fields. A lot of other ultralights. wouldn't go where an X-air would.

In flight the X-Air handles exceptionally well, with a high degree of maneuverability if needed (3.5sec - 45deg left to right). The pitch control is nicely balanced and the aerodynamic trim tab does away with all the efforts on the stick. Just set your throttle for cruise, trim for level flight, and on a nice day you can sit back with your arms folded and admire the view!


Technical Specifications:

xair X-Air ultralight aircraft sport pilot ready X-Air - Welcome back to the days of affordable and safe flying! Packed with so many standard features other aircraft just cant compete. >>more

xair X-Air ultralight aircraft sport pilot ready X-Air "F" - Similar to the standard X-Air model except for being equipped with flaps and a slightly different empennage, great fun and affordable flying. >>more

X-Air "Hanuman" - The latest release from X-Air, The Hanuman is normally powered by the Jabiru 4 stroke engines. 85 knot cruise, large cockpit and good handling make the Hanuman an exceptional aircraft. >>more



USA Dealer Map:



Orange served by John Matthews and his dealers.


X-air Builder's Tips

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