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  The BIG fly-in and much, much more. It is located at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL), Lakeland, FL. The weather is usually great in April. You can camp right there (or choose a local campground or other lodging). Not far from Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Tampa's Bush Gardens, Daytona Beach, etc, etc., online aeronautical charts. Really cool site! Click for chart of GGE.
  USUA (United States Ultralight Association)
  Aero Sports Connection
  Experimental Aircraft Association
  Best Aviation Dot Net

The following Vendors are the ones we use and recommend. Please check their products out so that you'll have an idea of the quality we use!
Note to Vendors: if you would like on this list, contact us to arrange for an evaluation unit to be delivered. Once we accomplish a complete evaluation to our satisfaction we will be happy to recommend your product. We look at value, performance, and reliability among other things.

  Ballistic Recovery System
  Powerfin Props
  Tennessee Props
  Grand Rapids Technologies
  SoftComm Products
  Puddle Jumper Floats
  IVOPROP propellers
  Stratomaster Instrumentation - glass cockpit instruments for sport aircraft and experimentals -LSA.

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