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About Flightstar Aircraft

Flightstar produces high quality Sportplanes in fun-to-assemble kits. Flightstar aircraft are highly regarded, mature designs flown all over the world with over 20 years of field experience. They are designed only in the tractor-engine up front configuration; they believe this is the most proper and practical location for the powerplant. The tractor configuration keeps the engine and propeller out in front of the pilots, safely away from the fuel tank, primary structure and the control system. The tractor placement of the engine puts the pilot and passenger at the CG of the plane, removing the weight & balance problems of other designs. It is also much quieter than the pusher configuration, both in the cabin and on the ground.

Their kits are sold complete with all equipment required to finish the aircraft. The composite fairings come finished in white or gray gelcoat, ready to buff and use or paint to match your custom covering colors. The airframe components are all produced with the best methods available and are finished in anodized, powder coat or electrolysis nickel plating.


Flightstar Spyder. Single place and affordable.
Flightstar SL II. The IISL combines the open air freedom of ultralight type flying and the fun of being side by side with your passenger. 
Flightstar SC II. The Sport Cabin version of the SL 2. 

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